edutainment for equity

Edutainment for Equity CEO's Candice "Antique" Davis and Hodari B. Davis.

Edutainment for Equity CEO's Candice "Antique" Davis and Hodari B. Davis.

edutainment for equity  provides comprehensive & engaging professional development to improve the efficiency of social impact organizations, campaigns, networks and individuals. We are a one stop shop for businesses, educational organizations, umbrella institutions, and professionals hoping to address issues of racial and social inequity in the organizations they lead, fund or support.

Our scientifically proven and field test methodology integrates artistic and multi-media experiences, providing individuals and organizations with innovative strategies to increase the impact of their work.  We facilitate dynamic interactive workshops and trainings and provide dedicated individual and organizational coaching to empower organizations and individual to be more effective in the achievement of their goals.

The Four Tenants

We Believe...

That professional development cannot be separated from personal development.

Your well being as an individual is critical to your work performance. At Edutainment for Equity, we put humanity back into the work and workplace through a holistic and thoughtful approach that centers the transformation and growth of the whole being. 

That art is the gateway to social change. 

Art makes way for dreams. It gives us the space to imagine what our best can be. We take an approach that is deeply artistic because it gives us permission to think freely, tap into imagination and expand the possible. 

An ethos of growth can create social change.

If we are all engaged in self improvement and development on a continuous basis, it is inevitable that the world will improve and develop over time into the better world we seek.  We are the change we seek in the world.

True transformation is on the other side of discomfort. 

We create brave and compassionate spaces to discuss difficult and sensitive issues that hinder the best work from taking place. Through thoughtful guidance we  help our clients de-contsruct deeply challenging issues like discrimination, micro aggression in the workplace, conflict resolution and cultural communication.  In the process we heal broken relationships, provide frameworks for personal reflection and offer strategies and language that help to ensure that every day, every staff member can show up as their best. 

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