We offer customized one on one coaching to improve the confidence and performance of organizational leaders and executives in all of our areas of expertise. Through the use of art, conversation, and critical and compassionate questions, we coach our clients to innovative solutions and breakthroughs.


A huge part of our work with young people over the past 25 years has been focused on improving their effectiveness as students, as leaders and as future contributors to society. Many of the experiences we learned as educators inform our coaching techniques and make us uniquely suited for professionals in the youth development industries, including and especially in education.

Between us we have worked at every level of after school service, and non profit management from Executive Director to tutor, we have played every role in the Youth Development game. Candice is a certified Arts Integration Specialist, and has taught High School, Directed Programs, Managed and Trained Program Coordinators, Developed Curriculum and been a Professional Development Specialist for well over a decade. Hodari is the former Program Director of Youth Speaks, former Executive Director of Making Waves and well known as a movement builder, executive producer and youth development specialist.

Our perspectives on best practices are not based on theory but on experience. Our clients are always most impressed with our depth of understanding and the ease with which we can come up with new ideas, perspectives and hacks on the work to make it all more efficient. We have a 100% approval rate from our coaching clients for our work and service.