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Edutainment for Equity produces Events, Professional Development Series and Campaigns in an effort to combat internalized oppression and to empower Black communities. These activities are often built in companion to our artistic or educational endeavors and serve as a platform for us to share our Professional and Innovative experiences, expertise and pedagogy.

Put Your Crown On is the companion film to the Candice Antique hit song "Nappy" and the "Nappy Tour".


Special Campaigns

Edutainment has been leading a public campaign for the past 7 years called Proud2beblack.  The focus of this work has been Young Gifted and Black of Oakland, a youth repertory group that uses poetry and rap to teach black history.  We also produced an annual festival during Black history month called Life is Loving that featured events for children, couples, families,  and usually a live concert.  The latest addition to the campaign has been Mr Davis' Classroom Lessons in Black History.  These special classes have been taught for free in Oakland and in several countries in Africa.  Click the photos to learn more about the Proud2beblack campaign.  We also lead International Tours