Edutainment for Equity has led Development, Arts and Activism workshops and campaigns all over the world as part of a broader effort to combat the impact of racism on African people. Each of these campaigns carried with them the practices, pedagogy and frameworks designed in our professional workshops. They are an example of Edutainment for Equity in praxis.

The Nappy Tour

Ghana | Uganda | Trinidad | Tanzania | Kenya

AT A GLANCE and Roots foundation, KENYa - 2018

We presented and performed all over Kenya in Nairobi and on the coast near Mombassa. Our performances ranged from small intimate engagement at SoFar Nairobi, to a larger live show in down town Nairobi. We worked with At A Glance to deliver a special edition of Mr. Davis Classroom our Black History lecture series. We also presented on National Television and Radio in several different engagements, promoting the tour, the “Nappy” music video and our message of empowerment and self love.

Mstaafrika & Africa is Now, Tanzania - 2017, 2018

We facilitated Edutainment Labs with several organizations while were in Tanzania. We worked with an organization called Freemind to provide business development and community development through the arts as well as a special edition of Mr. Davis' Classroom, our Black History lecture series. We also produced music in collaboration with artists throughout Tanzania including the legendary Black Panther Party member Mama Charlotte O’Neal.

Bavubuka foundation, Uganda - 2017

We traveled to Uganda to facilitate an Edutainment Lab for the Bavubuka Foundation. This cohort was comprised of artists & leaders from all over East Africa. They completed the business model canvas and prepared pitches to secure sponsorship. One of the groups from the Congo was able to secure sponsorship! Hodari also consulted with a small group of local poets on how to expand the free speech movement through youth poetry.

one africa and Focus Lenz, ghana - 2014-2017

E4E travled to Ghana to present several tours beginning with “I Love Being Black” in 2014, “Remember” in 2015 and “The Nappy Tour” in 2016 - 2017. These tours included many live performances, appearances on television and radio, and several music video releases. We also mad presentations at schools and hosted the Central Music Awards show in 2016. E4E has made many friends throughout Ghana and worked closely with our music family the Fante Confederation in each of our trips.

The Next Generation Speaks 2017

Next Generation Speaks, Rotterdam, 2017

E4E traveled to Rotterdam to present at the Next Generation Speaks Convergence. Hodari, a Chief Architect of the National and International Youth Spoken Word Movement, was the keynote speaker. He offered key insights and strategies for expanding the free speech movement through youth spoken word. Candice presented a workshop on spoken word as a tool for liberation pedagogy.

The New Horizons Tour 2015


New Horizons Conference, Iran, 2015

E4E was invited to travel to Iran with a delegation of Black American artists, educators and activists, to talk about police brutality as a human rights issue. After the conference, Hodari and Candice traveled the capital Tehran extensively, giving presentations about the role of art in the creation of culture and the pursuit of justice. They also appeared on National TV in Iran and their appearance was the most popular episode that year. It aired 10 times for over 10 million people.