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With over 20 years of experience producing events on an international, national and local scale, E4E offers expertise in the conception and production of events. We are skilled at establishing key partners, designing a quality program, curating audience, marketing and promotion and can make your event a success. We also offer extensive expertise in designing media campaigns.  

Our official Eduatainment for Equity events focus on integrating art and creative culture into intellectual and often critically engaging conversations about race, and equity.  We offer monthly Black History classes and make them free for youth to attend.  We also produce a series of critical conversations with educators, activists, and artists.

 Candice facilitating a panel at Educating the Black Child: A Multi-Disciplinary Conversation.

Candice facilitating a panel at Educating the Black Child: A Multi-Disciplinary Conversation.

the nappy road show

Edutainment For Equity will be facilitating, hosting and performing at events in Nairobi, Mombassa and Arusha over the course of the next month.  You will be able to join us on our tour if you follow us on instagram, Stationhead, Twitter, Facebook, or Streetwyze.com.  Each of these platforms will carry elements of what we are calling #thenappyroadshow.  Included in this unique experience will be live concerts from Candice Antique, interviews on various radio and television stations in Africa and public workshops and conversations in various places.  @candiceantique @mrdavis510 @edutainment4equity 

Educating the Black Child

Educating the Black Child is a multi-disciplinary, solutions based conversation centered around the education of Black children. This event features performances from arts educators, a panel of educators, activists and scholars and multi-media.  The purpose of the conversations are to identify the challenges Black children face in the educations systems offered to them, and to highlight successful strategies and programs that are effectively dealing with these challenges.  The conversations are far reaching and not only focused on school and schooling.  We also examine the role society, the media, police, athletes and other forces play in impacting the success or failure of Black children.  Past guests have included Dr. Chris Emdin, Dr. Pedro Noguerra, Dr. Wilmer Leon, Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Chris Chatmon, Sheryl Davis, and a host of other luminaries, scholars, artists and activists.  Hosted by Hodari and Candice with special guest DJ and Journalist Davey D , these are unique forums for a conversation about education and achievement.  

Mr. Davis' Classroom

Due to the lack of Black history being taught in the schools, E4E started the lecture series Mr. Davis' Classroom featuring dynamic lecturer Hodari B. Davis, M.A.Ed. Hodari is a former Black History teacher for Berkeley High School, which was the first high school in the country to have an African American history department. He was also a professor of Black History at Merritt and Chabot Colleges. This super engaging lecture series is free for youth under the age of 18 and donations based for adults. It is held at Solespace, a community event space and shoe store.

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