Professional Development Workshops:

This is the Fall 2018 Line up of workshops for youth development professionals interested in further developing their skills. If you work for an organization that has PD resources, or you are a manager of staff that is in need of training, click the link below to get a full sense of what we are offering and sign up for the workshop. Our seats are extremely limited and we maintain a waitlist for those who are willing to fill the seats in the final hour.

Educating the Black Child

Educating the Black Child is a multi-disciplinary, solutions based conversation centered around the education of Black children. This event features multi media performance and dialogue from artists, educators, activists and scholars.  

The purpose of the conversations are to identify the challenges Black children face in the educations systems offered to them, and to highlight successful strategies and programs that are effectively dealing with these challenges.

 The conversations are far reaching and not only focused on school and schooling.  We also examine the role society, the media, police, athletes and other forces play in impacting the success or failure of Black children.  Past guests have included Dr. Chris Emdin, Dr. Pedro Noguerra, Dr. Wilmer Leon, Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Chris Chatmon, Sheryl Davis, and a host of other luminaries, scholars, artists and activists.  Hosted by Hodari and Candice with special guest DJ and Journalist Davey D , these are unique forums for a conversation about education and achievement.