E4E Events


We provide open Professional Development Workshops for Youth Development Professionals, seasonally in San Francisco. Our FALL WORKSHOP SERIES begins in September with our Annual Cohorts that focus on Youth Leadership, Teaching 101, and Program Manager Training. These certificated cohorts meet monthly for the year as a cadre of young professionals learn and develop together. In the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons we also offer three day Institutes in Cultural Mindfulness and Program Design. These trainings provide in depth and specialized educational opportunities for those who are operating in a supervisory capacity. Additionally we offer individual workshops in a variety of areas each season, providing specialized training for practitioners in the field in a variety of capacities. These workshops include Classroom Management, Facilitation, Evaluation, Curriculum Development and other subjects. Each of these workshops has limited space for individuals and organizations to register. Deadlines for the Cohorts are in August, however the institutes and the individual workshops have deadlines that correspond more closely to their excecution date. Keep up with the E4E calendar and sign up to receive our weekly newsletter so you can stay in the loop.


Educating the Black Child

Educating the Black Child is a multi-disciplinary, solutions based conversation series centered around the education of Black children, facilitated by Edutainment for Equity. This event features high level conversations with scholars, activists, educators, media personalities and thinkers in dialogue about the challenges facing Black children and insight on overcoming those challenges.  

The purpose of the conversations are to highlight successful strategies, programs and individuals that are effectively dealing with the challenges facing Black children.

For the past 2 years we have been holding public events to have heartfelt and important conversations about the future of Black children. Each of these conversations has featured a panel of guests whose professional and personal experience help create space for deep dialogue. Each conversation has also featured an artist whose vision and unique perspective or performance helped to expand the conversation and the level of engagement among all who participate.