Effective & Tangible Strategies for Deepening Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


Edutainment for Equity (E4E) is a professional consulting and media production company with an expertise in issues of social justice and equity.


Our Approach

We use an approach called "edutainment", a combination of entertainment and education to tap into the socio-emotional as well as the intellectual. Through the use of art and media and dynamic facilitation, we create brave spaces for tackling difficult issues in a way that feels safe, yet challenging.

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Our Services

  • Professional Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Event Production
  • Campaigns
  • Media Production
  • Keynotes

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Our Expertise

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Our Practice

With over 50 years of combined experience in education, program design, event production and systems administration, edutainment for equity brings a wealth of expertise to every engagement.  We thrive in providing extensive professional development, building strategic collaborations and leading award winning social justice campaigns for our clients.


We take the stress out cultural mindfulness, using dynamic facilitation, arts engagement and critical dialogue to deconstruct bias, challenge systems of oppression and confront behavior that is not complimentary to solidarity and peace.

— edutainment for equity

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A Top 10 Service

Our clients tell us, it is the blend of education and entertainment that make our events and workshops so engaging.  We have an over 80% retention or return rate for organizations that contract our services.