Edutainment for Equity is traveling on tour to East Africa and the Caribbean this July and August. Follow our journey here, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Stationhead and

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    The Nappy Road Show

    This month Edutainment for Equity will be kicking off #thenappyroadshow, traveling through East Africa celebrating Black Beauty, Black empowerment and the Natural World.  The Road Show will feature live concerts, interviews, presentations, ciphers, visits to natural places, new music and amazing videography. Participants will experience excerpts from live Candice Antique Concerts, Mr Davis Classroom presentations, and extended journeys to nature. The show will also feature appearances from artists, poets and activists working in these communities.  The Nappy Road Show is an exclusive project of Edutainment for Equity, sponsored by the Institute for the Future, ISEEED, Stationhead, Hip Hop is Now, MstAfrika, the Mau Mau Collective, Red Bay Coffee, Young Gifted and Black, The Roots Foundation,, and Candice Antique.  Elements of this campaign will be featured at The Life is Living Festival in Oakland Ca, the Climate National Summit, The UN General Assembly, the YBCA 100, and in a host of other events and exhibitions around the world.  You can follow the story on various platforms including @stationhead, @thestreetwyze, @candiceantique, @edutainment4equity and @mrdavis510.


    Kenya • Tanzania • Trinidad • Zambia