EDUTAINMENT- (verb) The use of music, art, multi-media and dynamic facilitation to teach concepts or content

EQUITY - (noun) The quality of being fair and impartial AND recognizing the history of oppression and disenfranchisement and making accommodations to ensure that every person has equal access.

Edutainment for Equity CEO's Candice "Antique" Davis and Hodari B. Davis.

Edutainment for Equity CEO's Candice "Antique" Davis and Hodari B. Davis.

“Edutainment for Equity works at the nexus of learning and leadership, authentically impacting and transforming people, policies, and programs. Hodari and Candice attentively create coaching models that advance organizations. Because of E4E, Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) has deepened our roots in the community, expanded our staff, and developed a collective vision for our work. It is a personal and professional inspiration to work with such gifted trainers!”
— Dr. Vajra Watson, UC Davis

We Provide

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FOr social justice & Equity

We are at a turning point in our history. Half of the country wants to return to a time of segregation, violence, discrimination and oppression. The other half wants to move toward a world that is equitable, where people have equal access to opportunity and where historical wrongs are made right. Either future is possible...E4E stands for the future that honors every human being. We believe that this future can be attained by transforming allies into agents of change AND empowering people of color to challenge oppressive systems.

Too often, both of these communities are silenced: People of color often feel that they must sit silent in their invisibility or lash out in anger and although research has shown that their intervention actually makes a difference, allies witness casual moments of racism where they often choose silence because they feel unprepared or afraid to engage in a conversation about race.

E4E has the words, sound & Spaces to make difficult conversations about race easier & more effective.

Edutainment for Equity is an international professional consulting company that offers art infused, field tested:

  • Professional development for businesses, educational organizations, umbrella institutions, and professionals seeking to address issues of racial and social inequity in the organizations they lead, fund or support
  • Products designed to equip you and your colleagues with the language and tools to have difficult conversations and shift organizational practice
  • Events that create brave safe spaces for transformative dialogue to directly impact social justice and equity practices within organizations