e4e arts is the non profit arm of Edutainment for Equity. We create transformative and innovative experiences affirming an equitable future. Through the use of arts as a tool of social change, we create with a focus on empowering Black people to combat internalized oppression and inspire those in solidarity with Black people to become agents of change.

e4e arts includes art projects led by Candice Antique including plays, mix tapes, collaborative projects and International Campaigns. It also includes the poetry and films of Hodari Davis. e4e arts also is the official platform for Young Gifted and Black of the Bay Area. This youth development organization is an exclusive project of e4e arts.

e4e arts is:

Young Gifted and Black of Oakland was formed in 2010, and featured 4 youth ensembles that perform and teach Black History. Their performances are usually somewhere between 7 - 18 Minutes and include poetic presentations usually without any musical accompaniment. Each performance includes choral poems, individual performances, raps, songs and chants designed to uplift African American people and to teach and learn Black history. The Youth of YGB attend different schools, and come together twice per week to rehearse material, study history and prepare for their presentations. Throughout the year YGB delivers performances in schools, museums, churches and theaters, at conferences, festivals, ceremonies and special events. YGB is under the direction of accomplished and dynamic educators and artists with extensive experience in arts education, Black history and youth development.

The Remember Project formed in 2009 was the support arm for the international good will campaigns of Candice Antique and Young Gifted and Black. This work included building partnerships with individuals and organizations on the ground, raising money throughout the year, coordinating overseas tours, and documenting the experiences. The Remember Project began with a trip to Ghana, West Africa and led to the creation of a music video, along with the development of an e4e methodology for international relations and engagement. Since then, e4e arts has traveled to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Iran, Rotterdam, and Trinidad.

Hodari B. Davis is a poet, event producer and film maker whose work focuses on conjuring ancient stories from the past and applying them to social and cultural challenges of the future. In all of his work he pulls models from history and remixes them for public consumption in an effort to forward a new identity with ties to its dialectical past. His work challenges and provokes, whether coming through the mouths of children, or captured in visuals on the screen. His work is a reminder, of something old and an affirmation of something new. His latest piece was commissioned by the Institute for the Future and the Climate Investment Fund and toured around the world in an effort to provide alternate perspectives on the future of the earth.