e4e Music

Music Videos / Short Documentaries

Edutainment for Equity produces Music, in an effort to combat internalized oppression and to empower Black communities. These activities are often built in companion to our educational endeavors and serve as a platform for us to share our Professional and Innovative experiences, expertise and pedagogy.

Loop Sessions - is the latest video series released by Candice Antique. Each performance speaks to a specific issue in the todays news, and represents the perspective of a Black woman. See the first release “Conquest” which examines US Governmental policy toward abortion and women’s right to choose.



e4e Music

Edutainment for Equity has been recording music and leading international tours for the past 7 years. We have traveled extensively in Africa and continue to make music and videos that speak to the African experience. e4e music is home to International Recording Artist Candice Antique, and the award winning acapella hip hop band Antique Naked Soul.