We are Edutainment for Equity

Edutainment for Equity provides the most comprehensive & engaging professional development system ever designed to improve the efficiency of social impact organizations, campaigns, networks and individuals. We are a one stop shop for businesses, educational institutions, umbrella institutions,  and professionals to address issues of racial and social inequity in the institutions they lead, fund or support. Our scientifically proven and field test methodology integrates artistic and multi-media experiences. We provide individuals and organizations with innovative strategies to increase the effectiveness of their work.


We facilitate dynamic interactive workshops and trainings and provide dedicated individual and organizational coaching.

Our Methods:

Reduce Turnover

Increase Effectiveness & Impact

Make Recruitment & retention easier

Create a more enjoyable & impactful work environment

Improve efficiency

Increase interactivity between orgs and professionals in the field

Improve organizational & individual performance

Streamlines evaluation opportunities

Standardize language around equity and racial justice

Improves communication and community relations

Provide innovative strategies

Are dynamic, interactive and thought provoking